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Be HAPPY with your artArtistic self-esteem.
This is a message to anyone who´re feeling bad about their "artistic self-esteem" or lost the motivation to keep going with art. But of course, anyone can read and interpret this! Feel free to leave a comment if you want to add something (or blame me. :D). You´re also free to share this!
Be "happy" with your art? Well. Not saying that you should stay satisfied with all your art so you´ll never improve. It´s more about being confident with the one you are as an artist. The artist inside of you. ~
Feel good about your art just the same way as you should feel confident with being yourself as a person. Draw what you want the same way as no one should blame you for what clothes you are wearing. Speak out your meanings and express all your sentiments just the same way as you shouldn´t be shameful about putting on your favorite music in front of everyone. If you are a sensitive person (like me...) who always take

"Just be yourself. Draw what you want, write and photograph what you feel like! No one shall force you. c: Just because a piece of artwork isn´t perfect, doesn´t mean it´s bad. Don´t be sad because you know someone viewed your art but didn´t favorite it. Not everyone likes to favorite everything they see on dA. Trust me. There´s lots of art I enjoy viewing but which I don´t favorite! Just because someone gave you 2 out of 5 stars on a critique doesn´t mean that your art hasn´t got great values, nor does it mean that no one can appreciate your art when looking so strictly at it!"
That was a short take from the journal above. I seriously recommend everyone to read it.  It was a good read. ^__^
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June 18, 2014
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